OPPO A95 Reviews


OPPO A95 is the latest Android equipped with a large capacity battery. The 5000 mAh battery can last all day with normal use. 33W Flash Charge technology allows the battery to be charged faster. Within 30 minutes, the battery can be charged up to 54%. Even though the battery is large, the dimensions of the cellphone are still thin, only 7.95 mm thick and weighing 175 g.
OPPO A95 is powered by the latest Snapdragon 662 chipset with a clock speed of up to 2.0 GHz. Apart from that, this cellphone is also equipped with a RAM expansion feature. The 8GB RAM capacity can be added to 5GB taken from 128 GB ROM. Additional RAM capacity can reduce frame loss, reduce memory frags, and improve data reading performance. These are all the advantages of the OPPO A95.

Advantages of the OPPO A95 HP

  • Camera Capabilities: OPPO smartphones, particularly those in the A series, are known for their camera capabilities. The A95 may feature a versatile camera setup with multiple lenses, allowing users to capture different types of shots.
  • Design: OPPO devices often feature sleek and stylish designs with attention to aesthetics. The OPPO A95 may have a visually appealing design, combining both form and function.
  • Display Quality: OPPO tends to incorporate high-quality displays into its smartphones. The A95 may feature a vibrant and sharp display, providing an enjoyable viewing experience for multimedia content.
  • Build Quality: OPPO typically emphasizes build quality in its devices. The A95 may be constructed using durable materials, contributing to the overall durability of the smartphone.
  • ColorOS: OPPO smartphones run on ColorOS, a custom Android-based operating system. ColorOS often comes with various customization options, features, and optimizations for a smoother user experience.
  • Battery Life: OPPO devices often come equipped with batteries of decent capacity, providing users with satisfactory battery life. Additionally, some models support fast charging technologies for quicker recharging.
  • Performance: Depending on its specifications, the OPPO A95 may offer solid performance, especially for daily tasks, multimedia consumption, and light gaming.
  • Value for Money: OPPO’s A series is often positioned as a mid-range or budget-friendly lineup, offering users a balance between features and affordability. The A95 may provide good value for money within its price range.

OPPO A95 Full Specifications :

  • Display:
    • A mid-sized to large AMOLED or IPS LCD display.
    • Full HD+ resolution.
  • Processor: An Octa-core processor, possibly from MediaTek or Qualcomm.
  • RAM and Storage:
    • Usually equipped with a decent amount of RAM (e.g., 4GB, 6GB, or more).
    • Internal storage options that may vary (e.g., 64GB, 128GB).
    • Support for expandable storage via microSD card slot.
  • Camera:
    • Triple or quad-camera setup on the rear, with various megapixel lenses (wide, ultra-wide, macro, depth).
    • A front-facing camera with a suitable megapixel count for selfies.
  • Battery:
    • A non-removable battery with a capacity that can vary (e.g., 4000mAh to 5000mAh).
    • Support for fast charging technology.
  • Operating System: ColorOS, OPPO’s custom Android-based operating system.
  • Connectivity:
    • 4G LTE support.
    • USB Type-C port.
    • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Design: A slim and stylish design with a glass or plastic back.

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