Solar Panel Security Camera HD 720P Wi-Fi

If you want to life safe and green, you can. There are solar power surveillance cameras. In fact, there are many different models. One of the most interesting is Solar Panel Security Camera HD 720P. The price is $270. You can even order it on eBay. It supports HD. You can use it everywhere at any time of the year. Just because it runs on solar power, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t functional. Conventional surveillance cameras are not eco-friendly, simply because they work every day during the whole day. 

This solar powered surveillance camera also has a battery. This means that it can store energy when the temperature is too high. Then, it can use it to power itself when there is no sun. When the temperature is below 26 degrees Celsius, the camera can work 2 days. When the temperature of the sunshine is 33 degrees Celsius, the camera can work indefinitely. However, when the temperature of the sunshine is higher than 39 degrees Celsius, the device will save the energy. Later, it will use that energy. 

In the package you will receive all needed cables, CD, manual and parts needed for the installation. It is the perfect solution for people who live in warm areas and who want to secure their property. You can monitor via this camera through your smartphone, tablet or a computer. The maximum of 6 users can monitor through the camera at the same time. Also, the device supports many languages, so if English isn’t your native language, no problem. When the motion detection is triggered, the camera will send photos on your email. 

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