Skully AR-1 Smart Helmet

We have seen the rise of smart phones, smart watches, TV’s and several other gadgets that seemed to have been powered by android and made our life much easier. Now, we present to you a gadget which not only saves a motorcycle riders brain but also makes it more interesting, it is Skully AR-1, one of a kind smart helmet.
Although there have been smart helmets as early as 2005, the tech used in Skully AR-1 makes it stand apart from the rest of its competition. It has a price tag of $1500, even though expensive, for the features it offers; it’s really worth the penny.
Majority of the smart helmets available in the market are not even close to have the AR-1’s features. This helmet contains a DOT/ECE certified shell. The person wearing this helmet gets intelligent audio, helmet to helmet communication, hands free-calling, music streaming, GPS navigation via Bluetooth to a cell phone, Wide angle rear view camera which shows up on the transparent display built into the visor. The visor is anti-fog, anti-scratch and glare resistant.
The helmet is managed by Skully’s Synapse System. Turn by turn GPS directions are conveyed on the helmets transparent display. The rear camera feed has a 180 degree view when paired with the right bike, speed, gear, RPM and more. AR-1 has the ability to save maps, which makes navigation available outside cell coverage as well. The display area takes up most of the visor area. The Infinite Focus Heads-up display focuses on the eye making it look like its floating clearly in a distance. Riders also have an app which allows the rear camera to fit the direction according to the rider’s position.




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