Mistakes to be Avoided for Excellent Experience with Mobile Apps

Mobile application development should be carried out extensively in connection with technical changes and consider various significant aspects towards making an application as an extension of mobile-based website.

Mobile applications are meant to keep the users engaged in their smart phones and perform essential tasks through them. In another manner, they are concerned with simplifying the business and personal life of an individual by opening gates to lots of opportunities. Certainly, mobile applications have the power to infuse life in a mobile handset and make it a favorable device to use. But, the application designers and developers have to keep certain aspects in mind to channelize the flow of efficient performance and nothing should hinder the way in having an awesome experience.

1.    Disconnection from the Website:

A slightest of disconnection between mobile app and its relative mobile-based website will create a confusion in the user’s mind and his fingers will click on the other website. The mobile application design and content should be related to the main website or the company or commercial sector. This will help users in understanding the objective depicted in the application and its ultimate functionality process. And if the mobile website is not optimized effectively; the users will definitely close the door towards the acceptability of its mobile application. Certainly, mobile apps should be an extension of the business website and not a dull jewel trying to shine amidst diamonds.

2.    Non Cross Browser Platform:

With the technology changing at a rapid pace, there is a demand for the mobile applications to be operational on various platforms. The general user wants that the application should be operation on various operating systems on the mobile phones. This will ensure better compatibility. In this manner, the particular application will have more users than the developer might have thought. The developer not making an application to be cross functional will limit the access and this would reduce the market diameter for that application.




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