How to Maximize the Speed and Performance of Android Smartphone

Although the hardware configuration, RAM, and processors of the smartphones are evolving, they still need to be utilized to their maximum potential. Even if your Android smartphone is not running slow, it will not hurt to get even better speeds. Here is how you can optimize the speed and performance of your Android smartphones.

Most of the Android smartphones come packed with customized OS. These customizations are done by the manufacturer of the phone to make the look and feel in tune with their theme and design. They also end up installing some custom features and apps which slow down the speed of your phone. To remove these customizations, you can either install a third-party app launcher or root your phone. The former is better than rooting as it is safer.

You would already know that the additional widgets, apps, and wallpapers also bring down the speed of your smartphone. If you have some apps which you do not use at all, instead of keeping them, get rid of them. In case you need them in future, you can install them again. Also, remove the widgets that you do not use. They also reduce the speed. You may not be able to remove certain apps, but you can disable them.

If there are too many processes running in the background, you will not get the optimized performance. Go to the Apps section in the Settings and from there you can see the processes running on your phone. Disable all the processes that are not in use. This will enhance the performance significantly.




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