Celebrity Photos are Helping Scientists to Study Neuron Activity

Josh Brolin, Clint Eastwood and Jennifer Aniston are helping scientists to understand how everyday events are being stored in the brain. The researchers informed that the study involves people with electrodes fixed in their brains. The data collected from the brain showed that the neurons located that the medial temporal lobe has a crucial role in the formation of these memories. The patients are suffering from epilepsy. These 14 people had electrodes implanted in the brain where the seizure arises. Individual neurons associated with memories have been tracked down with this equipment.
100 pictures consisted celebrities like Julia Roberts, Eastwood, Tiger Woods and Halle Berry. It also included famous places like the White House, Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa. The researchers tried to identify neurons associated with memories of a particular person. The composite images of the place and a person were also created. For example, the subjects were shown image of Brolin near Eiffel Tower.  The neuron activity was monitored during the display of these composite images and researchers found that people started forming associations with people and places.
The neuron which responded to Brolin’s image also started reacting to the image of the Eiffel Tower too. The fundamental aspect of human cognition and memory would be uncovered through this study. The formation of the association in the brain would be studied in details. The research team members have assured that they will go into the heart of neural code. University of California and UCLA are collaborating for this project.




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