Can You Use a Laptop In Your Green Shack?

Living in a green shack isn’t simple as you may think. There is no water and there is no electricity. People who can live like this, won’t have any problems. On the other side, younger people like having laptops, gadgets and other devices that run on energy. As you may assume, the most important are computers. A good thing is that you can use a laptop in your green shack. It doesn’t require conventional energy, because it is a solar-powered laptop.
One of the laptops you can choose is SOL M. Dimensions are: 2.04 x 12.24 x 9.05 inches. The weight is 4.18 pounds. The most important part is the battery. It can last up to 7 hours. SOL M has 2.0GHz dual-core Intel Celeron processor. You can choose between 2GB of RAM and 4GB of RAM memory. Also, you can choose HDD of 320 or 500 GB. The size of the display is 13.3 inches. The maximum resolution is 1366 x 768. It has 2 USB ports, 3MG camera and a Windows OS.
You should know that the battery on conventional laptops can last just 3-4 hours. As you can see, the battery on the SOL M can last twice as much. You can use it anytime you want. All you need to do is to unfold solar panels and you can start. The performances are very good, so you will be able to use this laptop for movies, games and business. It is also made from durable materials, so you can use it ousted or when you are moving through harsh terrain.




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