Best laptops which have a very long battery life

Irrespective of the specifications which are stacked up in a laptop, it is of no use until and unless it holds a good charge. Luckily, there are a lot of notebooks which have achieved this distance. Below are some of the laptops which have a very good battery life:


Dell not just manages a 13 inches display, a 2.6 pound chassis but it also has a very good battery life which can last up to twelve hours. It also has an i5 Core processor, 128 GB storage and RAM of 8 GB.


This laptop is one of the best laptops available in the market. The UX305 is available at a starting price of just 700 dollars and still lasts almost nine and a half hours if fully charged. It also has a half-inch thick body made of aluminum, has a storage space of 256 GB and an Intel core processor.


An adorable thirteen inch, touch-screen laptop from HP which has a battery life of nine hours & twenty eight minutes.


The Think-pad from Lenovo is synonymous having portable efficiency and it lets you do more. It is a very light weight laptop with built in battery which offers a standby by of as good as seven hours & forty minutes.

Lenovo Think-pad

This is one of the top business note books from Lenovo which has a battery for backing up strong 4th generation Intel core performance & a vibrant Display.


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