OneWeb to launch satellite network for cheapest internet connectivity

OneWeb recently launched largest commercial rocket campaigns in the history of the planet. The space sector is becoming very competitive nowadays due to the entry of many private player . Once a government monopoly is now becoming accessible to ordinary citizens. The OneWeb plans to build its own satellite broadband network using more than 60 launchers. The company based in British Channel Island recently placed the order for the same. Internet connectivity world over would be transformed if this private player’s ambitious plan succeeds. More than 648 spacecrafts will carry the equipment for the corporation to the orbit. Internet rates are expected to get superlow due to this kind of connectivity options.

The company informed world about its plans during the press conference in London. All partners supporting the initiative were also introduced. This also gave us idea about how money can be raised for the large project like this through private sector. Group Salinas, Huges Network Systems, Bharti Enterprises , Coca Cola are happily supporting the initiative. Pressing the importance of internet connectivity in the education, Greg Wyler said that the main aim of this project would be reached every school. Satellite fleet would be thrusted further to space using state of the art Ariane 6 rocket.

The Virgin group, owner of the private space firm Virgin Galactic group is also supporting the group along with chip-designer Qualcomm. CEO Greg Wyler, OneWeb informed that the best team is working on the project to implement unique business model. Satellite makers, launchers, spectrum and funding have been collected already as company is aiming for huge global market.


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