NASA tests heat shields for future Mars exploration

NASA’s preparations for future exploration of Mars are progressing. The science involved is just absolutely amazing. In fact, one of the most recent tests conducted by NASA was on heat shields for the spacecraft. These heat shields are designed to protect the spacecraft against extremely high levels of heat when entering Mars' thin atmosphere.

How are they going to make this work?

One of the dilemmas NASA faces is the added weight of heat shields and the added rocket propulsion that would be required. However, NASA has this figured out. They have a program called ADEPT and that means that the heat shields will deploy mechanically with the use of carbon fabric. This makes the heat shield flexible so that it can open up. The test that was done had the heat shields used in 3,100 degrees (Fahrenheit). The test shows how the materials of the heat shield respond to the high levels of heat.

NASA has always been ahead of the game and this test for the heat shields just shows that they still have everything covered.

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