What Are Your Kids Watching?

A recent study showed that many parents let their children watch a new computer gadget called “Kids YouTube.” However, a recent study showed that this new program might have some adult features on it. Parents did not think of it as bad because there are many educational things on this website. However, some parents found some videos that were not for children. These videos might not be totally bad, but they have words and depictions that should relate to adults only.

Going further, the administration of YouTube does not have enough workers to look over every single video that comes through the wires. This worries a lot of parents. If videos slip past the YouTube management, they can easily slip past parents. Parents from all over the world are now writing into YouTube. 

Parents want YouTube to make the decision of taking down the website or watching every video that is uploaded. Parents are concerned for two main reasons: if these types of videos are on now, what types of videos will be on a year from now? Secondly, what children see today will affect them for the rest of their lives. 

The YouTube administration did not release any comments as of yet. However, it is clear that the entire administration is looking over this issue. Two things YouTube does not want to do is upset parents and mislead children. This defeats the purpose of what YouTube is about and what they stand for. The administration is planning to take some king of action very soon. 


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