Launch Of Galaxy S7 Will Not Be This Year

There  are  some  rumors  that  Samsung  electronics  will  not  officially  launch  the  Galaxy  S7  this  year. Just  a few  days  ago, tech  times  had  reported  that  Samsung  Galaxy  S7  will  now  be  equipped  with  an iris  scanning feature  for security  purpose.

We  trust  this  new  security  standards  will  be added  to  Galaxy  S7  before  it  is  release  in  the  scheduled  time in  2016, though  the  release  has not  be  assure  as  the company  is  competing  against  their  opponent  iPhone 6S.

This  will  also  to  avoid  giving  apple  an  easy  lead  and  capturing  the  market  that  is  during the  time gap  between  its  launching   of  iPhone  and Samsung Galaxy  S7  each  year. 
Samsung  want  to  remove  this  trend  and  reveal  their phone  in  2015,  this  will  allow  Samsung  to  compete  effectively.  Let  us  trust  Samsung  will  come up  with enhanced  features  version  found  on its  predecessor, or  may  have  retained  the  features  and  passed  them  to Galaxy  S7.

The rumors  states Samsung  Galaxy  S7  is  to  come  with  a 5.1  or  even 5.2 inch  display  with  an  Ultra HD 4K super AMOLED  resolution, and  the new  processor  is  said  to  feature  more  RAM than  the  current  device, 5G  network  band this  will  boost  the browsing   experience  for  its  users.
In  addition  it  will feature  super  fast WI-FI connectivity. 30 MP  rear  camera plus  a 10MP front  camera, the  new  camera  that  it  will  come  with  is  dubbed “gigapixel” for  more  accuracy  and  clarity  in  image  capturing.

With  all  this  enhancement  the difference in  the  price  between  the  two  release  is  small the previous  went  for  between $800 to $890 while  the  upcoming is $999.



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