Children ‘Using Gadgets At Earlier Age Being Exposed To Risks' – Study

There has been an increase in the number of children who are using gadgets on their day-to-day lives. In fact it is reported that children to use gadgets, be it tablets, phones or even computers, more than 7 hours a day. That said, there are many negative impacts of using gadgets and for kids the impact is very high. When kids grow, their brains also tend to grow and by using gadgets they might end up affecting how their brains function. 

According to the new study, children who tend to use a number of electronic gadgets, for instance, smartphones, when they are still very small there are bound to have numerous health and social issues. The study also went out to point that, despite all the negative impacts, not many parents are actually fully aware of the negative impacts that are brought with using gadgets. In addition to that most of the parents don’t take time so as to teach their toddlers how they should be using their gadgets and as a result many of them tend to use it badly. 

The study, which is seen as the first of it kind that focuses on how kids tend to use gadgets in Singapore, was headed by Dr. Nirmala Karrupiah who works at the National Institute of Education or popularly known as NIE. 

In the study the researchers looked at a number of things including how kids use computers, tablets, smartphones among other things.  

From the study they noticed that 65% of children played with an electronic gadget such as a smartphone before they actually turned 3. In addition to tat, 95% of children were using devices so as to be able to play simulation and video games. 


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