Children Are Better With Computers Than Their Parents - Study

Over the years, there has been one question that many parents including scholars have been asking themselves and that is whether kids are actually better off with computers than their parents. This question is actually not farfetched, in fact there have been numerous reports by made by parents all over the world about how their kids ended up taking a tablet that they had left behind and started to interact with. This particular feature has led many to actually believe that the younger generation are good with technology. 

A survey that was recently conducted by John Lewis revealed that at least 71% of parents admitted to consulting their kids when it comes t getting technological advice. They could end up seeking the help in a variety of ways, for instance they could do it via social media or by just simply asking around in the neighborhood. What this survey goes on to show is that when adults are busy trying to figure out what we will be eating, our kids are working on becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg.   

The question that many people have always asked is how this is actually happening. If you are to look at all the gadgets, none has actually been created with kids in mind. In addition to that, this gadgets are generally designed so as to be easy to use by all people so parents not being able to figure the how to of various gadgets is yet to be understood. 


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