Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Bridging Generations

After the market entry of Xiaomi Redmi Note, a good review, customer satisfaction and a huge sell, the engineers of the Chinese mobile manufacturer had their brainstorm to come up with another superb device with almost same price.
Despite a few resemblance, with some key changes Xiaomi brought its 4G version into the market. With the similar external appearance, its pretty difficult to distinguish the two siblings by seeing them. However, the 4G version uses a single regular-sized SIM card and a bit heavier and demands a cautious handle to make you reach all parts on the screen while holding with one hand. Qualcomm snapdragon 400 is the only key difference in feature that one can see. The possible reason may be the integrated LTE feature of Qualcomm. This allows selling of this device in India after the ban on selling of Redmi Note owing to a patent dispute with Erricson. Though screen, RAM and storage space remain same yet the MicroSD can support up to 64GB in comparison to 32 GB in the previous device and the device also has a faster Wi-Fi support. With most of the features being identical, the device can encounter many tasks and has no issues in running light games or normal common apps though is a bit slower than its predecessor.
               If we go deeper to analyze we can understand that both processors are equally powerful and hardly any difference can be sensed. So why to be late??? The stock is available only for a limited period.

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