There are several different types of solar chargers. All of them work on the same principle. You expose them to the sunlight, wait a few hours and you have enough energy to recharge the battery on your device (smartphone tablet or etc.). Kuaray is the same as other solar chargers, but it is actually green. Yes, green as the color. The idea is to carry this solar charger with you. Anytime when it is exposed to the sunlight, it will start generating energy. That energy will be stored in the Li-ion battery.
With this charger you can recharge battery on different devices. This is possible thanks to several different cables. You can use it outdoor and indoor. It is even possible to hang it on a window, thanks to the suction cups. This option is very useful during warm summer months. Kuaray is made from biodegradable materials. Aluminum structure can be recycled as well. Also, the battery can be refurbished. This device was designed by Ruben Freire.
There are many concepts that work on the same way. We can say that all of them are equally green. This is good because many people want to own gadgets just because they are different than others. With Kuaray, you will have the opportunity to own something that isn’t seen. Solar energy is the purest form of natural energy. Even better is that we can harvest a lot of it. Many experts believe that in the future we won’t need power plants and other ways to produce energy. With this and similar devices, we can understand this. In addition, solar chargers are cheap, so anyone can afford them.


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