Gadgets Do Bring In Some Form Of Negativity Into Our Lives Too Besides Being Helpful

While gadgets have certainly transformed our lives and our perception of the things around us, they have also extracted a bit from our lives. There is an increasing demand of new and better gadgets among the youth today.

 All said and done, gadgets have come to occupy a central place in our lives. So much so that life has become unimaginable without gadgets.

The youth find themselves embroiled in video games and computer games. The inclination of the youth and children towards these games has certainly has had its detrimental effects on their development.

To begin with, these games have tended to block all sorts of healthy sports activity from the minds of young children. All they can think of is computer games that require them to devote long hours before the computer screen.

This has its own set of detrimental effects. Like such children are found to be obese and overweight because they don't indulge in any active sports and games. Obesity brings with itself a host of other health problems in such children.

Those who find mp3 players attractive are quite likely to find themselves falling prey to a host of hearing problems. The problem of a healthy eyesight and vision grips one as one realizes the potentials of the television and computer screen to negatively affect our eyesight.

Because youth and children find themselves at the vortex of the storm created by the frenzy over laptops and computers, it is difficult to guard them against the negative effects of modernity in the form of overexposure to radiation emanating from TV screens and mobile phones.

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