Boil Buoy- Boiling Water Alarm

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Have you ever witness the unsafe of bubbling water in your kitchen stove to your little child that start to learn strolling? A splendid creator over Quirky has a savvy arrangement called Boil Buoy that will advise your about the present water temperature.

Bubble Buoy is produced using 100% warmth and sustenance safe materials and has been outlined with a stainless steel ring, weighted base with encased froth center for lightness. Bubble Buoy has a measurement of 125 x 85mm (HxW).

Every unit of Boil Buoy is being presold for USD9.99 over Quirky. On the other hand, you will need to sit tight for another 1,300 Boil Buoy to be presold for Quirky to begin the creation.


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